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Your source for solar panels and renewable energy since 1979

Northern Arizona Wind & Sun stocks a wide range of solar electric products for both on-grid and off-grid photovoltaic systems. Click the category buttons on the left side or use the “search” box above to find whatever you need in solar panels, deep cycle batteries, inverters, and a wide range of other renewable energy items. Scroll down the page to see what is new in solar power and our special sale on solar panels and other components.

Northern Arizona Wind Sun Solar Electric Store
4091 E Huntington Drive, Suite B
Flagstaff, AZ  86004
Flagstaff office: (800) 383-0195 (928) 526-8017
FAX Flagstaff: (928) 527-0729
Office hours: 8 AM to 4 PM Arizona Time, Mon-Fri. Closed on most major (federal) holidays.

Northern Arizona Wind Sun Solar Electric Store, Inc. has been selling and installing solar electric systems and components full time since 1979. Many of our first projects were installing 30 watt solar panels on hogans on the Navajo reservation, where the nearest power line was often 50 miles away, and so was the nearest paved road. The company was incorporated in 1984. Our sales have grown steadily over the past few years, and we are now one of the largest solar retailers in the US.


We have installed and sold thousands of PV power systems for communications, cathodic protection, remote home sites, water pumping, telemetry, and RV and battery maintenance systems. We carry a complete line of photovoltaic equipment for industrial and home systems.

A little history…

Northern Arizona Wind Sun Solar Electric Store is a family owned business. Our family has been in Arizona since 1885, aside from a few excursions overseas in WW2 and Vietnam. Most of that has been in the Grand Canyon area, and many of the old timers contributed to the history (and some made history) of that area. We recently turned over nearly all of our family historical material, documents, photos etc. to the University of Northern Arizona. Quite a bit of it is now available on the internet – there is a lot a material, including letters and diaries from Edith Bass, one of the first women to live at the Grand Canyon, and the first white woman to have a child at Grand Canyon.

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Northern Arizona Wind Sun Solar Electric Store