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HHO is a “Combustion Catalyst”, NOT a fuel replacement technology, at least in this stage of advancement. HHO burns too fast by itself and actually works better if it is “slowed down” by the gasoline, diesel, CNG, LPG, or biodiesel fuel.

Our HHO manuals are comprised of a robust, on demand hydrogen generator, an external water/electrolyte reservoir, and a bubbler/filter mechanism. The kit does not need a tank to compress or save the gases in, but uses them as they are made (“on demand”). It operates on the available extra energy of the car alternator, and generally uses less than 500 watts of energy  to operate (less than one horespower).

A unique product based on the discoveries of Yull Brown  in the 60’s; our hydrogen kits electrolyze the hydrogen and oxygen out of the water, without  separating it, creating a unique and energetic form of gas containing  H, O, H2, O2, and even H2O. It enters engine with the air and fuel of the car  and acts as a “combustion catalyst” making the fuel burn faster and cleaner.  The gas turns into water at this point which then turns into superheated steam,  cleaning the inside of the engine of carbon deposits and sludge, and contributes to the extra mileage gained by increasing combustion efficiencies.

The clean hydrogen fuel, along with the 33% pure oxygen (the air  we breathe is only 18% oxygen), extracts more energy out of the gasoline,  diesel, or other fuel. So instead of wasting the energy during incomplete  combustion (requiring catalytic converters and other smog removal items to  chemically alter the emissions), you extract it where it matters most- inside  the engine. That is why mileage goes up, and emissions drop drastically. You can see evidence of both of these on our list compiled from unsolicited customer emails here:

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