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Hi I am Danwillie blogger of this site. We are focused on Solar Wind and Water Do it Yourself Projects and Article reviews. There is now a short form Its redirected to here.

In the comment section below, tell me how you would make money from this site. It must pay its way for me to continue finding articles to post here.

There are about 60 posts here. Check the Do it Yourself Menu at the top or the post sitemap below or full site map in menu. I also cover home and garden, HHO, and Biogas. I will find anything that can save you money in this expensive world.  For the last 4 years I have promoted Clickbank Products. Today we are going in a different direction.



So If you find product pages with bad links, drop me an email using the form. And if you have a product you want me to help you sell, use that form too. As you can see from my traffic stats, we are busy on the web. Also if you find my ad pages or pages they link to a problem, I want to know. Another reality is with energy cost all over the place, HHO and Subsidized Solar are taking hits. Nevada is in the forefront of solar energy making everyone aware of this new hidden tax we all pay.

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I also think that Google is the largest threat to a free internet. Their 900 new rules for websites is wrong for a free internet. This site does not rank with Google, As you can see from my traffic stat, I still get plenty of traffic. I am promoting my site in other ways.

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I also have a series of Articles on the same subjects, that may help you choose the correct product. Yes there are products for every subject. Below is a list of categories and products. I have picked the best one and listed them under the do it yourself menu. Each Product has a review of which I hope encourages to pick the right solution for your need. To the right is a SWWDIY SITEMAP to a complete sitemap. Below this page is a post site map.

Also you can be a member and get a newsletter showing new products. And I can post positive reviews you have too. So Dig Deep. There is tons of info on this site. By the way, this site is built to my satisfaction, not Google.  I have two other sites I regularly blog on America in 2020 and Freedom ZOneUS. Please check theses sites out too.

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We have 40 + post here of popular green ideas items in our SWWDIY Renewable Energy Marketplace!
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 SWWDIY Renewable Energy Marketplace

And finally, a business sales opportunity- Salehoo. I have personally built an HHO Kit. I used it on my motorhome with a 1989 454 GM engine. There is definitely improvements in power. Mountain Driving is now a pleasant experience. But I have had some quality issue, that at times haunts me. Some is my learning curve and some is the product. I hope to use it on my trip east in a few weeks.


If need anything technology and much more checkout this site. Automation
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